Bamboo Comforter
Bamboo Comforter
Bamboo Comforter
Bamboo Comforter

Bamboo Comforter

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It's what's on the inside that counts and our 100% bamboo comforter doesn't disappoint. Filled with the plushiest bamboo fluff, your bed will be plump with the good stuff. Breathable, silky, and great for allergies there's a lot of love.

  • Breathable and body temp regulating
  • Inner corner loops
  • Silky soft bamboo fabric shell is smooth and supple.
  • 100% allergen-free microfiber for a sound snooze.

Sometimes you want options. Chocolate or vanilla, paper or plastic - we get it. Lucky for you, you have two options. 


Bamboo Sheets


Flat Sheet 66x100”

Fitted Sheet 39x75x16”

Pillowcase 20x30”


Flat Sheet 80x100”

Fitted Sheet 54x75x16”

Pillowcases 20x30”


Flat Sheet 90x106”

Fitted Sheet 60x80x16”

Pillowcases 20x30”


Flat Sheet 106x106”

Fitted Sheet 78x80x16”

Pillowcases 20x40”

Cal King

Flat Sheet 102x114”

Fitted Sheet 72x84x16”

Pillowcases 20x40”


Duvet Cover


Duvet Cover 90x92”

Pillow Shams 20x28”


Duvet Cover 108x92”

Pillow Shams 20x34”



Insert 88x92”


Insert 108x92”

Silky Soft

Indulge in a one-of-a-kind duvet comforter with an interior and exterior made entirely of viscose from bamboo.

Extra Lofty

With layers of fluffy bamboo fiber to give you the most satisfying snuggled up feeling.


It takes the feathers of 75 geese to make just 1 down comforter. Our hypoallergenic bamboo comforter doesn't use down.

You Choose

Our All-Season comforter packs 40% more fill than the Lightweight, and you'll feel a difference in insulation. If you're known to sleep warm, we recommend the Lightweight comforter – even during the winter months. Many of our customers do. Meanwhile, if you crave a little extra weight or are consistently cold at night, go All-Season all the way.