Lasuens Bamboo Comforter
Lasuens Cool Bamboo Comforter
Lasuens Cool Bamboo Comforter
Lasuens Queen/Full / Extra Fluffy Cool Bamboo Comforter
Lasuens Bamboo Comforter

Breezy Bamboo Comforter

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It's what's on the inside that counts and our 100% bamboo viscose comforter doesn't disappoint. Filled with the plushiest fluff, your bed will be plump with the good stuff. Breathable, silky, and great for allergies there's a lot of love.

  • Breathable and body temp regulating
  • Inner corner loops
  • Silky soft shell is smooth and supple.
  • 100% allergen-free for a sound snooze.
  • Oeko-Tex certified

Exterior shell made of silky Bamboo Viscose. Interior made of milled bamboo viscose fluff.


Insert 88x92”


Insert 108x92”

For 100 Days you can sleep in your bedding and if you aren't totally sold, we will take it back for a full refund. Free Returns and Free Shipping.

Washing: Dry Cleaning recommended. Check out our at home washing guide here.

We're Lasuens, a small Socal company that's passionate about sleeping in, and napping on the beach. It's why we named ourselves after our favorite secret spot in San Clemente, CA.

We're dedicated to taking care of our coastline 10% of every purchase goes to organizations that protect and clean it.

Customer Reviews

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Very Cool
Substantial Blanket That Breathes - I Don't Get Hot
This is great!
Lightweight Comforter
All Season is great

Why choose Lasuens

Attainable Luxury

Our bedding was designed to put you in a care free state of mind. Every single piece is woven to be breathable, and with a relaxed luxury feel, at a price that won't keep you up at night.

Sustainable materials

Cotton farming is water, land, and pesticide heavy. Our bamboo uses no pesticides and a third of the water. It's the right choice for comfort, and our earth.

10% of profits go toward ocean conservation

It's Breezy

You can't go wrong, Lightweight or All Season, you can say goodbye to kicking your comforter to the floor.

Are you ridiculously hot all year? Get the lightweight, it's cool. 

Average temp year round? Get the All Season, it's made for all seasons :)