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Our bamboo sheets are made from 100% bamboo viscose, and have a twill woven 300 thread count.

The outside shell is made of 100% bamboo viscose and the inside fill is made from 100% bamboo viscose fluff.

Yes! We are working on adding more products to the Lasuens lineup. Follow us on instagram for updates!

Bed Sheets:  Always wash your sheets in cold water – hot water will cause pilling and wear them out faster.  Wash them with similar colors, and avoid washing with rough fabrics.  When possible, use a mild detergent. You may occasionally wash with a diluted chlorine free bleach if you feel you'd like to get them 'extra' clean and fresh!

Comforters: For absolute best results we recommend getting them dry cleaned, this prevents any of the silky filling from bunching up. We have tested and you can machine wash if you are very gentle, with air drying but the easiest solution is to use a comforter cover and just wash the cover.

Duvet Cover: Wash and dry medium. Avoid over drying.

Shipping, Discounts, and Payments

Everywhere people get mail, our exception is PO Boxes since we ship fedex.

Yes generally though our emails you find the best discounts. You may only use one discount per order. Discount codes cannot be combined.

We accept all major US credit cards.

Returns and exchanges

All returned products are not resold, instead we donate them to local charities and shelters.

A label is provided

Here on our return page.