Incredibly breezy, and an absolute pleasure to be underneath, bamboo comforters are the top choice for hot and cool sleepers. When it comes time to washing your bamboo comforter or duvet, dry cleaning is always the recommended method, but is it the only method?

Fortunately we've written a small, simple guide on how to wash your bamboo comforter without dry cleaning.

Is it worth it?

First and foremost you need to weigh a few things. Washing your comforter at home is possible, but will require time and skill. The cost to have a professional dry clean your bamboo comforter ranges from $25-$50. We recommend washing your comforter once a year if it is being used with a duvet cover. With that said, we can move on!

What You'll Need

  • About 2-3 hours of your time from start to finish
  • Wool Dryer Balls are ideal
  • Front loading washing machine (the bigger the better)
  • Detergent (small amount)

**Please Note** 

If you can't control your spin speed on your washer please do not attempt. We need it LOW.

- Do not attempt this in a machine with an agitator. You'll end up with a damaged crumpled comforter.

- Do not attempt to wash multiple items with your comforter. 

 Video Instructions

Washing Instructions

  1. Fold your comforter into thirds and lay it in the washing machine.
  2. Add in a small amount of detergent, we recommend something natural and not too harsh. No bleach.
  3. Wash on delicate, or handwash setting.
  4. Keep spin speed lowest possible. No extra spin cycle. High spin speed squeezes the water out of the fibers and that twists them. If you can't control your spin speed on your washer please do not attempt.

Drying Instructions

  1. Remove the heavy bamboo comforter from the washing machine and put it in your (hopefully) large dryer. Take care to spread it out, making sure it isn't clumped up or tangled. Folding into thirds is a good idea here too.
  2. Add in dryer sheets if you want.
  3. Throw in our wool dryer balls (this will significantly cut down on drying time and it helps beat the comforter fluffy).
  4. Set the dryer on low, or medium. Check on it more often if on medium.
  5. Do not set and forget, it's going to take a while so keep and eye on it. Every half hour check on it and untangle it. You don't want to get it twisted.
  6. Slip it back into the duvet cover once completely dry and enjoy your freshly washed bamboo comforter.

It's Finally Done!

With your fresh comforter, you can now continue to use it or store it in a laundry bag for next season. For the most comfortable results, we recommend getting an all season bamboo comforter for the cooler months and a lightweight for the summer time. This will have you sleeping snuggly year round and prolong the life of your comforters.

Milovan Crowley