Is Bamboo Better Than Silk?

Silk vs. Bamboo Sheets

When it comes to high quality bedding, which one do you prefer most – silk or bamboo sheets? Why do you say so? This section will help you know more about bamboo and silk fabric, their advantages and disadvantages and which is the most ideal to use.
One of the main foundations of well-being and health is to have a good sleep every night. If you have resolved to take superior care of yourself as well as improve the quality of your life, it would be wise upgrading your sleep quality. Among the various ways to get a sound and dreamy sleep is by investing in organic and high quality bedding. Many have considered purchasing luxury bed sheets for restful advantages. However, you may felt dazed by the details. What makes silk fabric differ to bamboo fabric? How do you know which kind of luxury bed sheets are perfect for you and your family?
Of course, in every purchase you do, you always want to make sure you are getting the true value of your money and effort consumed. After all, you deserve a high quality result from a first-class material of fabric. The purpose of this article is to help you evaluate the pros and cons of each kind of bed sheets for you to end up with the best possible investment. 
Silk Fabric vs. Bamboo Fabric
At a glance, silk fabrics are among the most fine looking fabric available in the market. However, they need special care and handling. On the other hand, bamboo fabrics are created from a renewable source. They may be lacking the resilience of silk, but they are machine washable and less expensive. 
Let’s talk about the comfort
When it comes to bed sheets, people should feel comfortable enough while sleeping or resting on a bed sheet. Silk sheets have been frequently accused of trapping a great amount of heat in the bed. This can make your sleeping uncomfortable throughout hot seasons, and even for those who sweat while sleeping. 
Bamboo sheets on the other hand, achieve a good night’s sleep as it enables the air to flow freely around one while you sleep. This means, your bed will receive enough amount of heat to help you get a comfortable feeling all day night. This is indeed ideal to use during warm nights. 
Durability says it all
The two bedding engage in a close battle when it comes to durability. In this case, silk gets the upper hand since it shrinks in any way. The condition of the bed will remain as before when you bought it until the last time when it’s very old to be used any longer. Therefore, its softness will remain all the way through. Another thing about the durability of silk is that, it is very delicate in nature. Anything rough will possibly damage it. For example, you need to make sure your toe nails are filed and clipped to avoid pulling and catching the threads. In any way, bamboo fabric doesn’t experience it. With repeated washing, bamboo sheets become softer. In addition, its synthetic fibers are liable to shrinking. This might require sheets replacement before they’re truly worn out.
How about in cleaning?
Since the silk sheets are very delicate, they need special care when being washed. Hand washing can work, however you should be careful not to damage the sheets. This makes the bamboo stand out. This is mainly because the beauty of bamboo bedding is brought out whenever it is washed. Good thing is that bamboo sheets can be machine washed. Unlike silk fabric, it doesn’t necessitate fade or special care when machine washed at home. It gives convenience to every homeowner. By using the right detergent, these sheets will be dry and clean in an instant. 
Naturally, silk is hypoallergenic and resistant to mildew and mold together with bamboo. However, bamboo sheet set has antifungal and antibacterial properties with stink resistant fibers. When it comes to the cost, silk is considered to be more expensive than bamboo. 
Other pros include…
• Soft and smooth
• Little to no shrinkage
• Retains the softness after several wash
• Proven durability that can last for many years
• Frequently compared to cashmere because of its softness
• Resists pilling
• Gets softer with each cleaning
• Absorbs perspiration, which keeps you more comfortable
• It is said to be three to four more absorbent than cotton
• Eco-friendly
• Breathable, which allows the heat of the body to regulate the temperature in bed
Now that you have an idea about the uses of these two bed sheets, you can now evaluate your decision. It is a good idea to let silk bedding be your partner for a good night sleep. HOWEVER, more and more people agree that it is a great decision to choose bamboo queen sheets to be your best friend for a wonderful sleep all night long. Why not? Its beneficial features say it all. Aside from being cost effective, it is also machine washable and makes your sleeping a comfortable one, which you cannot get with silk bedding. 
The health benefits of bamboo bedding make it a leading choice for many homeowners across the world. In its natural state, bamboo includes antimicrobial properties. This is one of the reasons why it is very resistant to bacteria and pests. In some studies conducted, the bacteria was removed or killed in the bamboo fabric in just a small amount of time. In a few situations, parents and families have discovered that it can combat skin diseases such as Athlete’s foot and eczema. Moreover, toddlers and babies with skin allergies or respiratory can benefit a lot using the sheets because they are hypoallergenic. 
These days, you can find many different thread counts, sheet materials and styles out in the market. From the finest silk sheets to eco-friendly bamboo pillow case set, the choices are truly limitless. When you are in the midst of choosing the most comfortable and lavish set for your bedroom, the bamboo sheets are suited to your preferences and budget. Many homeowners have discovered the benefits of bamboo. Now is the right time to invest in this high quality material.

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