Silk vs Bamboo: Five Reasons Why Bamboo Beats Silk.

Anyone doing research on bedding fabric is serious about quality sleep, and this article will attempt to tackle this issue by going over the pros and cons of two of the most popular fabrics.  Silk and Bamboo.

 silk vs bamboo sheets

First it's important to understand that both fabrics are considered luxury bedding and will be a vast improvement over any run of the mill bedding.

Luxury bedding is a fantastic investment for someone who is trying to get a better quality sleep.  The quality of bedding you sleep on can have just as much of an impact as the mattress you buy.  Having sheets that are cool and comfortable all night long can significantly decrease the chances of night sweats and other uncomfortable sleeping scenarios.


At a glance, silk may seem like the more comfortable option because of how "silky" and smooth it is.  The reality is that silk can become too slippery and the tight weave can prevent good air-flow and force awake in search of "cooler real estate".  Bamboo is a much more breathable fabric and allows air-flow through the sheets to keep you cool all night.  
When it comes to softness bamboo is also unmatched and has repeatedly been compared to cashmere.


Bamboo is a more forgiving fabric in that a tiny strand won't catch on your toenail and unravel a significant portion of it.  Bamboo also has the added advantage of getting softer with every wash.  Silk however scores a point for maintaining it's size and not shrinking during washes, whereas overtime bamboo will shrink.  This shouldn't be a big deal since the normal life cycle of bed sheets will expire before any shrinkage has a significant impact.   


Silk sheets are delicate and require careful hand washing with a specially formulated detergent.  Bamboo?  Throw them in the washing machine and watch them get softer with every wash. 

Allergy Free

Both silk and bamboo are hypoallergenic and resistant to mildew.   Bamboo is also resistant to fungus and wicks away moisture allowing it to trap less repulsive smells.


Hands down bamboo is a better bang for your buck.  The only way the cost of silk can go down is if you are comparing with lesser quality silk sheets, in which case all of the advantages of silk get lost.  True silk sheets can cost upwards of $800, while true bamboo is far more competitive.  Although some may argue that silk sheets last longer and allow you to buy less of them, this can be misleading as silk sheets are more fragile during washes and in daily use.  A small user error can have you re-buying expensive silk sheets while the more forgiving bamboo sheets are easier to replace in the event you do prematurely need to replace them.


Who wins?

Lasuens chooses Bamboo in this match-up.  You can't get quality sleep when you're hot and slipping all over the bed.  Lasuens Bamboo sheets are cooler, softer, and easier to maintain than silk sheets.


  • Bamboo Sheets are softer and cooler.
  • Bamboo Sheets are easier to maintain.
  • Bamboo Sheets are more cost effective.
  • Bamboo Sheets are more durable.
  • Bamboo Sheets are hypoallergenic.
Milovan Crowley