Whether it’s staying over at a friend’s house, travelling for work, or simply heading out on vacation, sleeping away from home is rather difficult for many people. Sleeping in unfamiliar locations can result in many restless nights, even if the bed is very comfortable, as it can take some time getting use to a new sleeping environment.

Nothing is worse than being away from home and suffering from a lack of good sleep, so here are 5 things that can make sleeping away from home a bit easier:

1. Block Out the Sounds

The sound of unfamiliar noises when trying to sleep away from home is a nightmare. There’s all kinds of distracting noises you may face when sleeping in a different location, from the noises of bustling streets and roads to odd sounds coming from appliances in the room.

Blocking these sounds is easy enough to do and should make getting to sleep much easier. For instance, a set of earplugs are a cheap and effective way to reduce distracting noises, while a set of headphones or even a white noise machine can be used to block out the sounds.

2. Invest in an Eye Mask

Another common distraction when sleeping away from home is unwanted lights. This can come from street lights, natural light, or electronics in the room, any of which can make getting to sleep a real struggle.

A simple method to avoid these things is to grab an eye mask. They are relatively inexpensive and come in many shapes, sizes, and materials, so finding a comfortable eye mask to block unwanted light should be easy.

They are also great for traveling with, allowing you to get some much-needed sleep should you be on a long-haul flight.

3. Bring Some Entertainment

Getting a good sleep isn’t just about where you sleep, but what you do before bed. Most of us have habits before going to sleep, such as reading a book, watching an episode of a television show, or simply listening to some music.

Continuing this habit when sleeping away from home can make a big difference in getting a good night’s rest. So, be sure to bring any form of entertainment along with you when away from home, as it will help keep you comfortable by sticking closely to your sleep routine.

4. Take a Pillow or Pillow Case with You

Home comforts are a great way to get quality sleep when away from home, and there are fewer things more comfortable to sleep with than your own pillow. Granted, not everyone wants to travel with a cumbersome pillow, but even taking a pillow case can help to give a homier feel.

If staying at a hotel you might not want to bring a pillow from home, but it’s still a good idea to ask for a pillow with your preferred firmness.

5. Consider Using Pleasant Scents

Much like light and noise pollution can make sleeping away from home difficult, unfamiliar or unpleasant smells can be a distraction for many. Whether it’s an odd aroma in the room or a distinct detergent on the sheets, strange odors can make getting to sleep much more difficult.

Should this be the case, then some mobile aromatherapy could be a great fix. Consider grabbing some travel size linen spray or even some pleasant essential oils such as lavender or chamomile, all of which add a soothing scent to help get you to sleep.


Milovan Crowley