Build Your Own Bed

A perfect Nights Sleep, Built by you

Our custom bedding bundle helps you create the perfect bed while mixing and matching your favorite pieces. Select from our award-winning bedding staples, and roll them up into the bed of your dreams.

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Hit The Sheets

What makes bedtime the best time? For you, it's slipping into these luxuriously soft sheets and absolutely melting. We've taken bamboo to new heights with our airy and silky sheet set. With extra deep pockets to fit any mattress and thick elastic to keep everything tight, this smooth bedding will delight team nude.

What color strikes your fancy today?

Lasuens White Bamboo Sheets

White Bamboo Sheets

Lasuens Grey Bamboo Sheets

Grey Bamboo Sheets


Get Your Ideal Fill

It's what's on the inside that counts and our 100% bamboo comforter doesn't disappoint. Filled with the plushiest bamboo fluff, your bed will be plump with the good stuff. Breathable, silky, and great for allergies there's a lot of love.

Sometimes you want options. Chocolate or vanilla, paper or plastic - we get it. Lucky for you, you have two options. 

Lightweight Vs All Season

Our All-Season comforter has 40% more fill power than the Lightweight version. Which makes it perfect if you crave a little extra weight or are always cold at night. Warm sleepers, marathon cuddlers, and Californians tend to prefer the Lightweight, even year-round.

Lasuens Cozy Bamboo Comforter

Cozy Bamboo Comforter

Lasuens Lightweight Bamboo Comforter

Lightweight Bamboo Comforter


Cover Up

Never mind your next day's tasks and to-dos - focus on the dreamy comfort of this duvet cover until you drift to sleep! We used an innovative process to combine our soft bamboo with linen for a delightfully chic comfortable cover. It looks like elegant linen because it is, partly, only twice as soft.

Breathable, and regulates your body temperature so you won't get too hot or too cold underneath.

Lasuens White Bamboo Linen Duvet Cover

White Bamboo Linen Duvet Cover

Lasuens Grey Bamboo Linen Duvet Cover

Grey Bamboo Linen Duvet Cover