Is Bamboo soft?


As the world gets greener, bamboos are becoming popular in which it grows quickly and it is also a renewable resource. It just requires 1/3 amount of water in order for them to grow and there is no need for some natural pesticide. It can be kept through an organic way and can be replanted yearly.

Today in fashion industry, bamboo has gained its popularity wherein it can provide you an eco-friendly cachet, low price, gentle drape, flowing, smooth hand and luxurious softness. Because of this, growing bamboo raises dramatically to be used in manufacturing bamboo fabric. You will be amazed when you touch the bamboo sheets wherein you can be provided with real luxurious fabric. Bamboo can make a soft fabric because there are two kinds of fabric that can be made from them. These are the chemical and mechanical fibers from bamboo. Chemical fibers are commonly used for bamboo bedding and this is the reason why the bamboo fabric is very soft. Chemical fibers are called viscose in which you need to treat chemical fibers with carbon disulfide and sodium hydroxide that is considered as natural compounds. With this kind of process, you can produce a transparent cellulose film that gives you an idea on how soft a bamboo bedding is. Since bamboo fabrics are made from viscose, these are some of the softest fabrics you can find in the world.

Bamboo textiles are yarns and cloths that are made out of fibers. Historically, bamboo is used only for different structural elements like ribs of the corsets and bustles but in the current years, the range of technologies have created new developments regarding the uses of bamboo. Bamboo fabric can now be used for different range of textile that can now be applied in the world of fashion The modern clothing that is made from bamboo can now be 100 % bamboo yarn and can be blended with cotton yarn or bamboo. The bamboo yarn can also be blended with other textile like spandex or hemp. However, to turn the bamboo plant into a smooth textile, it should be treated with chemicals. The sodium hydroxide that is commonly known as the caustic soda is widely used for its process anywhere in the world. It can also be used in the production of foods, soaps, paper and fabrics such as cotton fabrics. The caustic soda is not dangerous for human health if you know how to properly dispose it after using it in the manufacturing process. It will help bamboo bedding be soft as much as possible. This chemical can be recycled during the manufacturing process and can be reused for many times.

There is some news that some of the retailers and manufacturers use bio-enzymes in the manufacturing process of the mechanical fibers. Bio-enzymes are less harmful as compared to chemicals wherein it uses less energy and water just to get the bamboo fibers. Because of this, most of the manufacturers today are looking forward to have 100 % eco-friendly and green bamboo fiber. It will offer you unique properties of a bamboo that is now available in the market. Bamboo fiber is a revolutionary new fabric that can offer great advantages such as versatility, strength and luxurious softness. However, the manufacturing process requires development to support green claim to have environmentally textile products.

Bamboo fabric can provide benefits to the environment which can be very helpful to maintain good place to live. Among of its include:

  • Cleans air. Bamboo can provide clean air to breathe and consumes carbon dioxide because bamboo forest is so dense that can returns 30 % oxygen to the atmosphere.
  • It requires less energy and water to grow. It is easy to sustain bamboo plant that will be used for the bamboo fiber production and requires little maintenance. It also requires little water to survive in drought conditions and even in flooding as well.
  • Can grow without pesticides. Bamboo is the only plant that does not need chemical pesticides because it has its own anti-bacterial agent in its stem.
  • Sustainable to harvest. It is one of the fastest growing plants on earth that offers complete regeneration even without a need of replanting.
  • 100 % biodegradable. Bamboo clothing is safer to disposal either it is incineration or landfill.

Bamboo fabric is used for different range of clothing such as slacks, socks, dresses and shirts. It can also be used to make bamboo pillow case set, bamboo sheet set or bamboo queen sheets that you will love. It will offer you a smooth fiber that lends a satin feel warmer during winter and cooler during summer time.

Bamboo apparel is softer than the softest cotton and has a natural sheen like cashmere and silk. It is less expensive, it is also more durable and blends well with soft cotton. You will never have an allergy while wearing or using bamboo clothing or products because it offers natural smooth fiber properties that are non-irritating to your skin. It is ideal for people with sensitive skin and it will ensure that you will feel warm when it is winter time because it has thermal regulating properties. Furthermore, bamboo clothing allows the absorption of the sweat in a quick manner of time. It’s fiber offers breathability when weather is hot or you conduct exercise. It also have anti-microbial agent that can prevents bacteria to cultivate from it and helps to keep your clothes odor free. Lastly, bamboo clothing provides protection against harmful UV rays.

Because of the many benefits of a bamboo fabric, the production of it increases yearly. The bamboo textile production has exclusively grown in the different parts of the world. This tropical grass is now becoming more useful not just for furniture purposes but as well as for textile. Bamboo now gives real environmental significance in the fashion world and showcases its benefits to human. It is really amazing that bamboo can be turned into a soft fabric. There is no doubt that in the future, there will be new improvement on how to make a bamboo fabric that will no longer need chemicals in the manufacturing process.


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